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In the Crossfire is a translation of Ngo Van's Au pays de la Cloche fêlée (Paris: L'Insomniaque, 2000) and of excerpts from Ngo Van's Au pays d'Héloïse (L'Insomniaque, 2005).
It has been edited by Ken Knabb and Hélène Fleury and translated by Hélène Fleury, Hilary Horrocks, Ken Knabb and Naomi Sager.
Copyright 2010 by Ken Knabb and Hélène Fleury. Noncommercial reproductions of any portions of this book are freely permitted, and in fact heartily encouraged.
For commercial reproductions, please contact AK Press.
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Wed, 1 Sep 2010, from Ken Knabb: Just out: Ngo Van's IN THE CROSSFIRE: Adventures of a Vietnamese Revolutionary
Ngo Van's IN THE CROSSFIRE is one of those rare books like Voline's "The Unknown Revolution" or Orwell's "Homage to Catalonia" that almost single-handedly unveil moments
of hidden history sublime moments when people break through the bounds of the "possible" and strive to create a life worthy of their deepest dreams and aspirations.
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